NopCommerce (ASP.NET商城) v2.0

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  • nopCommerce 是一个由ASP.NET多层模式开发的开源电子商城系统,可以自行设置模板、配置灵活、功能强大,它内含一个目录前端和一个管理工具后端。前端包括用户注册、商品购买(可以进行评论)、投票、Blog等,后端有类别管理、产品管理、客户及角色管理、订单管理、纳税管理、国家(地区管理)、邮件发送、消息模板、新闻发布、blog管理,可以对列表数据进行XML导出。 Highlight features Architecture improvements Moved to ASP.NET MVC 3.0 (Razor syntax) Really pluggable architecture (just drop a plugin to the /plugins folder in your nopCommerce directory) SQL Server Compact support Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4 (data access) More flexible ACL implementation More user-friendly admin area Added unit tests Improvements Performance optimization reCAPTCHA integration New tier prices implementation (now can be configured based on customer roles) Several discount requirements can be configured per discount Allow store owner to create a new purchased gift card without placing an order Some of existing discount requirements didn't work for guests Search for customers by name in administration Merged product reviews and ratings options. Email wishlist to a friend Admin area. Show operation status after it's completed (Save, Delete buttons) New installation wizard (The orchard project contribution) Simplified register page. Removed a lot of fields that were not used at all. Fill the "EstimateShipping" module on load with the country/region/zipcode of the current customer Allow store owner to manage the number of product tags that appear in the tag cloud Removed warehouses and pricelists features because they were useless A lot of refactoring and other improvements Bugs Tax rounding issue fixed Some shipping issues fixed Download catalog as PDF. Currency values had 4 decimal places Select payment/shipping method radio button text was not clickable Hide prices for non-registered customers didn't work on tier prices Renamed PayPal PTI to PDT MS Excel importing issue fixed A lot of other bugs fixes